Reaching 40,000 school children (62 schools) with our Value education books in the year 2019-2020.

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Prof. P. B. Sharma

‘Values of Life’ is a series of value education books with a difference. If, from their early childhood, children are given an opportunity to learn the God conscious values presented so wonderfully in this book, there is great hope for the future of the world.

- H.H Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaj

Governing Body Commissioner, ISKCON

Prof. P. B. Sharma

I have not seen any other work on teaching the values with such an important voice and style. Indeed, children should be taught from their early years about God consciousness so that they grow up as noble citizens of human society.

- Prof. P. B. SHARMA

Vice Chancellor of Amity University and Ex Vice Chancellor of DTU

Hema Malini

This series of books on value education is one of the best children’s books available on the science of life based on holy scriptures. It should occupy a place in school education.


Member of Parliament in Lok Sabha and Film Actress

Dr. Harsh Vardhan

‘Values of life’ for classes 1 to 8 is a wonderful series which aims to inculcate the basic values and life skills in the learners for their overall development. I am sure that parents, teachers and children will be immensely benefitted by including this series of books as part of school curriculum.

- Dr. Harsh Vardhan

Minister Science & technology and earth sciences, environment, forest and climate change Government of India, New Delhi-110001

Manish Sisodia

The series of book entitled “Values of life” is designed for the overall development of a young child’s physical, intellectual, social and spiritual abilities. It conveys powerful messages through beautiful and colorful illustrations to educate, encourage, enthuse, and entertain young minds. The stories and philosophy in this series of books fills one’s heart with love and reverence for God, which is the essence of all morality. We wish to introduce this series of books, “Values of life” in all the school curriculum.

- Manish Sisodia

Education Minister, New Delhi-02


The Values of Life series will lay strong moral foundations in young people. Its students will certainly be poised to make the world we live in a truly happier, better place.

- R.Raju

Honorary Secretary, Delhi Tamil Education Association

S. Eswar Prasad

The ethical values presented beautifully in the Values of Life series will nourish and nurture the minds and hearts of students so that they can achieve their true potential!

- S. Eswar Prasad

Secretary, Andhra Education Society


This series of books will leave a lasting impact on any child (or adult!) who embarks on a journey through its pages.

- Dr. Vivek Bindra

Motivational speaker and Business coach


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